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  1. Dear team of Engaged Dharma,
    I am a journalist from Germany working on a podcast about the power of trees in relations between Israelis and Palestinians and I heard that you are organizing an olive harvest to bring together Jews and Arabs.
    Could I mabe join you on one of your next picking days? I am still in Israel until Saturday morning, so if there was an opportunity to meet until then, it would be great!
    Looking forward to hearing from you,
    all the best,

  2. […] Les soldats israéliens font odieusement de même. Des bulldozers escortés par des soldats ont récemment déraciné des milliers d’oliviers à Deir Balut et des centaines à Haris, et des ordres d’expulsion sont en cours. L’un est pour un habitant de Kafr Hairs qui possède un bosquet, que j’ai rencontré il y a quelques jours, accompagné de trois autres Israéliens juifs, un homme et deux femmes, militants du groupe israélien «dharma socialement engagé». […]

  3. […] Israeli soldiers are aggressively doing the same. Bulldozers escorted by soldiers recently uprooted thousands of olive trees in Deir Balut and hundreds in Haris, and eviction orders are pending. One is for a resident of Kafr Hairs who owns a grove, who I met a few days ago accompanied by three other Jewish Israelis, one man and two women, activists from the Israeli group “dharma socially engaged.” […]

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